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Welcome to the ELK Group International web portal, today’s express home fashion solution. Completing this simplified login gives retailers and designers complete access to a vast portfolio of must-have home décor options, including: lighting fixtures, case goods, lamps, accent furniture, mirrors, wall art, decorative accessories, and more. Explore over 20,000 exciting products spanning twelve exclusive lifestyle brands, each with its own unique style, quality, and pricing attributes. With the addition of advanced-filter browsing and preferred-client check-out conveniences, we’ve made it easier than ever to make the ideal selection.

Our award-winning creative team travels the globe in search of elements that identify design trends at their source, bringing an inspiring global essence to each composition. The team at ELK is obsessed with making gorgeous handcrafted products showcasing beautiful finishes, high-quality materials, and classic, thoughtfully expressed details. What makes us different, however, is our devotion to creating imaginative interdisciplinary silhouettes and fresh renditions of timeless genre stories.



ELK Group International brand home décor collections emphasize uncommon materials, fashionable finishes and artisan-crafted detail. Sophisticated organics, fine silks and linens, and other natural and man-made fibers infuse our collections with just the right blend of unexpected texture and soothing natural color. We use genuine marble, plated metals, blown glass, and premium tropical hardwoods to create imaginative trans-modern showpieces and fresh renditions of timeless design stories.

Discover the best of what’s new and daring alongside tried-and-true elements of classic design. Choose from a vast array of well-coordinated motifs designed to fit almost any décor aesthetic, project budget, or size specification.

The convenience of selecting from our multiple-brand sampling, together with a growing range of custom options ensures our products will correspond with your distinct vision.


Thirty-five years ago, ELK Group International was conceived with the desire to create home fashions of surpassing innovation and style. Our devotion to design is surpassed only by our unrelenting commitment to service. We are proud of our Customer Care staff and we recognize that our success is due to its savvy, friendliness, and reliability. The ELK Advisory Team is comprised of knowledgeable sales staff, tenured customer service associates, and seasoned project coordinators with intimate knowledge of the strengths and capabilities of each brand offering.

The people who love our products have a passion for quality craftsmanship, bold design work, and sophisticated contrasts. Our mission is to reinforce that notion by ensuring our products work for everyday life. ELK tactical warehouse management systems enable state-of-the-art quality assurance, as well as seamless account integration, on-time delivery, and near-live product status data, including the progress of scheduled shipments, twenty-four hours a day.

Please think of the entire ELK Group team as your personal project concierge, working in unison to ensure your unique creative vision is realized.


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